Support Centre

Your client number will be 10 or 14 characters long. It will have been sent to you when you first opened your account and can also be found on various communications sent to you since then (such as contract notes). You can also see your client number when navigating to 'My account' when you're logged in.

Step 1 – Currency. This is where you confirm which currencies you would like to transfer, selecting from the drop down lists.

Step 2 – Amount. Confirm the amount you want to transact. You will also receive an initial recipient(s) transfer amount on this screen as well as confirmation of the payment date that can be offered for the currency you have chosen.

Step 3 – Recipient Details. Provide us with the bank account details of the person or company that you are making the payment to. If you don’t have any of the required information, please contact the recipient to request this.

Step 4 – Payment Details. Payment must be via a bank transfer from an account in your name.

Step 5 – Confirm. At this step, you will confirm the transfer details and the exchange rate and total transfer amount will be fixed. We will then send you a confirmation email along with our bank details. Please remember you need to arrange a transfer from your bank account to us.

What happens next? We will keep you informed and send you an email when we receive your funds and also an email when your payment is released by us. Please allow 1-4 working days for the beneficiary bank to credit the funds to the recipient account.

You can make online international money transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our office opening hours are Monday- Friday 6am-6pm PST.

Proving your residential address

The easiest way to prove this is by uploading a checking or savings account statement (bank or credit union), utility bill (gas, electric, landline phone, water, satellite/cable TV, or internet), residence permit, property insurance, tax bill, or IRS correspondence. Please ensure the document is dated within the last 3 months, contains your full name, and matches your address. Unfortunately, local regulations prevent us from accepting credit card statements.

Proving your identity

The easiest way to prove this is by uploading a copy of your state ID card, driver’s licence, or passport. Please ensure that this is valid and in date.

Important for all documents

When uploading any document, please remember:

  • The details on the document you upload must match the name and address you applied with.
  • Your file/s must be less than 5MB each, and must be clear enough to be read by someone else.
  • You can upload .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .png, .tif, and .tiff files.

HiFX provides you with access to the most popular currencies including: USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD, CNY, CNH, JPY, AED, ILS, CHF, HKD and ZAR. For the full list of available currencies please click here.

Please make sure that HiFX receives the full amount as cleared funds by the agreed payment date to enable us to send your payment on time.

You must pay HiFX by bank transfer. We do not accept cash or check.

You can find a link to HiFX bank details specific to your payment within the 'Summary of Open Transaction' page under the ‘Transaction’ tab, once you have confirmed your transaction. All payments to HiFX should be referenced with your client number and contract number.

The earliest payment date will be indicated during the process of transacting online and is tailored to each individual transaction.

We must be in receipt of cleared funds and onward instructions by midday on the Payment Date in order to send the payment on the same day.

The latest date that we expect the funds to be in the recipient's account

Our exchange rates are linked to the live foreign exchange markets. When the markets are open, the exchange rate you are offered will often fluctuate right up until the moment you confirm your transaction. Your exchange rate is only fixed once you've confirmed your transaction.

When the markets are closed (for example, the weekend), the exchange rate you are offered won't fluctuate - it will have been determined when the markets last closed.

As part of the service we like to keep you updated and will automatically notify you via email/SMS as soon as we have made a payment for this transaction. You can also monitor progress via the Open transactions section. You should always allow 1 to 4 working day for the payment to arrive with the recipient.

The bank account number of the person or company you are paying. Please enter the number without spaces or dashes.

The format of any IBAN that you enter is automatically checked when you enter it using an in-built IBAN checker. If any of the details are incorrect, please check the details either with the recipient to whom you are sending funds to or with the recipient bank. We will not be able to provide you with this information.

This information can be found on bank statements, invoices and documents showing bank details of who you are paying. All payments within the EU need to include the beneficiary IBAN and SWIFT/BIC Code.

The BIC/SWIFT Code is the unique identification code of a particular Bank. It consists of 8 or 11 characters and can be found on account statements, invoices and documents showing bank account details.

If you encounter difficulties, please check the details either with the recipient to whom you are sending the funds or with the recipient bank. We will not be able to provide you with this information.

You can also check the validity of a BIC/SWIFT code on the following website:

Sometimes, your recipient will provide you with a specific set of intermediary bank details that will help us route the payment across the globe. However, this is rare. If you aren't aware of any intermediary details then please don't complete them, or worry.

If you need to change your recipient details after you have assigned them to your payment, please contact us immediately on toll-free: 1-844-832-1367.

Once you have confirmed the rate you can not cancel or change any details of the transaction. Please check the details carefully before confirming the transaction. In the event of a mistake, please contact us immediately on toll-free: 1-844-832-1367.

If you know that your funds will be coming from a third party, please contact us on toll-free: 1-844-832-1367.

If the payment has not arrived with the recipient after 4 working days of you receiving the payment confirmation, please contact us on toll-free: 1-844-832-1367 and we will investigate.